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2011 Mountain Arts Workshops: Series One

~ Create a Well-Being Mandala ~

March 26, 2011
Instructor: Judy Shintani

Almost everyone is concerned about his or her health. But, how often do we create art to honor our well being? In this workshop we will have the opportunity to focus on our health using meditation, writing, art-making, and sharing.  We will look at the mandala, the sacred symbol of the circle, and why we will be using it as our foundation for this workshop. We can choose to give attention to a particular health issue or to honor  our bodies. For example, one could focus on their hands which may be challenged by carpel tunnel syndrome, or their heart experiencing sadness, or pay tribute to strong legs that have carried them throughout their lives.

We will explore and discuss the power of intention and learnings, that arise out of artistic concentration. Examples will be shown of how different cultures and artists, such as Frida Kahlo and the instructor, Judy Shintani, have used art and symbology for healing, health, and expression.  She will conduct a short visual meditation during which participants will tap into their own landscape and personal journey, which they can incorporate into their well being mandalas.

A variety of materials will be provided for participants to pick and choose.  They may also bring their own media. Shintani will show and discuss layering and texturing techniques incorporating acrylic paint, collage, writing, and incorporating found objects, using sewing and glue guns.  Journaling is encouraged throughout the process as surprising feelings and thoughts can arise and transform during the art-making. Everyone will be invited to discuss and share their finished art pieces.

Judy Shintani is an assemblage and installation artist, who focuses on remembrance, connection, and storytelling, with a Masters Degree in transformative art from John F. Kennedy University and a BS in graphic design from San Jose State.  She exhibits throughout the Pacific Northwest, and is an educator to creatives of all ages. Her art practice reflects a universal theme of story and healing with an emphasis on art as a spiritual practice. She has conducted workshops throughout the Pacific North West, and lives in Half Moon Bay, California.

Judy Shintani website
Judy Shintani blog

She says, “My art focuses on remembrance, connection, and storytelling. I make assemblages, produce installations and create performances, to generate visual stories which often bring vital issues to light. I form objects of healing, similar to fetish figures created by indigenous cultures. My ancestry is an area of inspiration for me. In honoring these stories, I provide healing for my family – past, present, and future. Some of my sculptures are tributes to my family matriarchy – my grandmothers and my mother.  Often through my work, others see a universal theme of story and healing that touches issues in their own lives. I am grateful to collaborate with communities as they focus on their own voice and wellness through art.”

Limited enrollment space for this workshop, so sign up early. Registration fee, if you sign up before March 5, 2011: $95 for non Arts Alliance members; $65 for Arts Alliance members. Add $20 to registration fee after March 5th.

Call 559-561-4671 for more information.

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