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Past Workshops

Seedlings: Series Two (2012)

July 14-15, 2012
Beeswax Collage for the Mixed Media Artist

Instructor: Amber George

Learn how to use beeswax as a collage medium! Beeswax is a natural material that acts as a glue and preserver for all types of works on paper. Working on wood panels, students will be shown how to incorporate watercolor paintings, pastels, drawings and collage papers into new and exciting works of art. Using the unique properties of beeswax, students will work back into the new artwork with oil paint, pastels and oil pastels to create additional imagery and textures. 
Note: Beeswax is not compatible with acrylic paintings. More will be discussed about this in class.

Workshop details at this link

April 21-22, 2012
Watermedia Batik: a Mixed Media Approach

Instructor: Helen Shafer Garcia

Create mixed media paintings, exploring a special batik look technique with Japanese Masa rice paper mounted on canvas. The “dropped-in color” watercolor technique process will be investigated on the Masa paper support with a variety of watermedia hues. This method involves hue fusion, allowing the water to move color on the paper surface to create interesting values changes, color mixtures, and textures. Colored pencils, ink lines and collage elements will be added to embellish the shapes. The artwork will be sealed with an acrylic varnish to protect the surface, producing an alternative to expensive framing methods.

Workshop details at this link

Seedlings: Series One (2011)

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Creating a Well-Being Mandala

Instructor: Judy Shintani

Almost everyone is concerned about his or her health. But, how often do we create art to honor our well being? In this workshop we will have the opportunity to focus on our health using meditation, writing, art-making, and sharing.  We will look at the mandala, the sacred symbol of the circle, and why we will be using it as our foundation for this workshop. We can choose to give attention to a particular health issue or to honor  our bodies. For example, one could focus on their hands which may be challenged by carpel tunnel syndrome, or their heart experiencing sadness, or pay tribute to strong legs that have carried them throughout their lives.

We will explore and discuss the power of intention and learning, that arise out of artistic concentration. Examples will be shown of how different cultures and artists, such as Frida Kahlo and the instructor, Judy Shintani, have used art and symbology for healing, health, and expression.  She will conduct a short visual meditation during which participants will tap into their own landscape and personal journey, which they can incorporate into their well being mandalas.

See workshop details at this link.

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