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“Share” Support for Local Art Scholarships

The Arts Alliance of Three Rivers is pleased to announce our new “Shares” program
to help augment our annual Lorraine Young Memorial Scholarship Fund.

S.H.A.R.E.S. stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education & Sports in our community and is offered at Save Mart, Food Max, Lucky and Smart Foods stores. The Arts Alliance recently mailed out Shares cards to all of our members, and we have more cards to offer to anyone who wants to support this fine and important program for helping local students.

We want to encourage you to use your card or, more specifically, the Arts Alliance Shares card. You may have several Save Mart Shares cards that you never use in your wallet.  As you go through the check-out line with your coupons, game cards, credit and ATM cards, it is easy to overlook the Shares card. Please don’t forget the valuable work of the Arts Alliance as you buy your groceries!

With as simple, quick swipe of your Shares card you will send up to 3% of your payment to the Arts Alliance Scholarship Fund. The Arts Alliance will gratefully use every penny received in this way for scholarships to give financial assistance to local art students. This is an easy way to help a worthy student.

This year we were able to give scholarships to four great students. Three of the students graduated from Woodlake High School with the class of 2012. Jason Knapp will  be studying computer science and graphic design at California State University Monterey. Kelsey Ruehling is a biology major with a lifelong interest in art who will be attending college in North Carolina. Rudolfo Perez plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he will study landscape architecture. Casey LaFave will be a junior at Cal Poly next year where she will continue studying science and art.

Kelsey Ruehling painting in her Woodlake High School art class.
(Photo courtesy of Kelsey Ruehling.)

For more information about our Scholarship program, or to receive an Arts Alliance Shares card, contact Nancy Jonnum at 559-561-3315.

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